Month: August 2017

氣候變化溫水煮蛙 減排勿拖

(2017年8月26日) 颱風天鴿殺到香港前,帶來又熱又焗的天氣,天文台錄得攝氏36.6度的高溫,創下132年來的最熱紀錄。香港人該體會到,在全球氣候變化下,溫水煮蛙不僅是個預言——而溫水已漸漸煮成熱水了。60專家聯署 把握3年減排限期。

Mainland waste import curbs may sink Hong Kong recyclers

(3 August 2017) Last month, China notified the World Trade Organisation that it will stop importing 24 types of solid waste, including plastics, unsorted paper, steel mill slag and scrap fabric materials, within this year. This came as the government claimed imported recyclables have polluted the environment and damaged public health on the mainland.


(2017年7月28日)友人不值大家樂、大快活、美心等快餐店堂食也用上即棄餐具,發起網上舉報。我舉腳贊成,但不忘提醒,麥當勞、星巴克、Pacific Coffee等食店,無論堂食外賣,普遍用上即棄餐具,罪加一等。