Month: March 2023


(2023年3月10日 專欄) 在印度,每有高官或外賓到訪,城鎮通常會重新粉飾街道,填平地上坑洞等,讓自己變得體體面面。二月上旬,孟買官員出新招迎接總理莫迪—灑水。灑水為何事?原來孟買踏入冬季,大部分時間被霧霾籠罩,潑濕街道和大樓,是期望能壓下空氣中的污染灰垢。

Degradable Plastics Follow-up Investigation 2023

(13 March 2023 Report Executive Summary)The Green Earth released its first investigation in 2022 [1], exposing the chaos of the lack of regulation on degradable plastics in Hong Kong. This study is a follow-up investigation, presenting potential drawbacks under a “regulatory vacuum”, including inconsistent product quality and disruption to recycling operations. We urge the authorities to regulate strictly as soon as possible and recommend that corporates and consumers avoid purchasing products with obscure degradability conditions.