Month: November 2023

The Green Earth delivered stance to Legislative Council’s Panel on Environmental Affairs Committee on “Producer Responsibility Scheme”

(28 November 2023)
Hong Kong – The Legislative Council’s Panel on Environmental Affairs convened on November 28th to discuss the common legislative framework for the “Producer Responsibility Scheme” (hereinafter referred to as the scheme). The new Producer Responsibility Scheme will initially cover plastic beverage containers and beverage cartons, and later expand to include electrical vehicle batteries, lead-acid batteries, and tyres.

應對氣候變化 施政要更大力度

(2023年11月4日 專欄) 行政長官李家超在星期三發表《施政報告》,宣讀時間歷時200分鐘,比近月大熱的電影《Oppenheimer》來得還要長,也創下歷屆之最。可是在云云政策之中,環境及新能源方面的政策卻著墨不多。鑑於近月接連發生水浸、酷暑等氣候災害,公眾愈來愈關注氣候變化對香港的影響,可是在施政報告中少有相關政策,這不免令筆者憂慮當局對氣候議題的重視程度,以及對應的環境新政力度不足,未必能應對氣候變化及協助市民準備廢物徵費。

Hong Kong’s ban on single-use plastics will make for a memorable Earth Day next year

(23 October 2023 HKFP)

On the 18th October 2023, the Legislative Council of Hong Kong made an impactful decision that will shape the city’s environmental landscape for years to come. Lawmakers passed a law to ban single-use plastic items, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. This monumental legislation will come into effect on the 22nd April 2024, which will be Earth Day, making it a truly memorable occasion.

借鑑外國經驗 生產者責任制治「膠災」

(2023年11月1日 專欄) 行政長官李家超剛發表任內第二份《施政報告》,雖然對環境政策着墨不多,但值得一提的是,當局似乎會祭出「生產者責任制」來遏止塑膠飲品容器和紙包飲品盒繼續氾濫。綠惜地球歡迎立法建議,惟希望當局能「前事不忘,後事之師」,阻止「膠災」繼續蔓延。