Month: September 2023

Hong Kong floods: even climate change sceptics must see the need to prepare for extreme weather

(12 September 2023 SCMP)
Within two hours on Thursday night, the Hong Kong Observatory had exhausted the rainstorm warnings it could issue: amber, red and black. The observatory attributed the heavy downpours around the city to the trough of low pressure associated with Typhoon Haikui, although that storm, unlike Typhoon Saola, had not made landfall on Hong Kong.

Hong Kong should never have sent solar panels damaged during Super Typhoon Saola to landfills

(6 September 2023 Hong Kong Free Press)

In recent years, more and more people have installed solar panels on their roofs. Solar panel owners can sell the green electricity generated by these solar panels to power companies for a handsome income. In turn, the power companies can sell renewable energy certificates to companies and organisations interested in reducing their carbon footprint.