Enjoy the Outdoors while Loving our Earth!

In Hong Kong, we are having different kinds of events including running races, charity walks, sports events and carnivals every week. These frequent activities produce tremendous amount of single-use ‘waste’ like plastic bottles, cutleries, plastic bags, onsite decorations and souvenirs, which end up quickly in our landfills. Can we help to save these valuable resources and also our mother earth?


We are dumping 6,000,000 plastic bottles to the landfills each single day*!


Are you aware that recycling facilities are seldom available in events?

These years, a lot of races and events stress on the important principle of fulfilling a ‘green event’. An event can be held successfully while minimizing the negative impact on our environment. This all contributes to a positive image for both the event and the organizer.

Let’s make a wise choice good for our mother earth and our own health as well!


*in terms of weight


The Green Earth has been promoting the ‘Green Event Campaign’ since 2016. Through providing environmental support and public education, we are aiming to:

  • Jointly create an environmentally responsible ‘Green Event’ culture
  • Encourage wise use of resources and reduce amount of waste

Support Green Event

There are already more than 100 events partnered with The Green Earth. These green events range from smaller-scale ones which involve 300 people, to large-scale running races and carnivals which involve more than 10,000 people. We are delighted to see positive comments and support from participants. Some of these events include:

How to join?

1/ I am an organizer - Join as a 'Green Event'!

The Green Earth provides organizers with the following support:

  • Tailor-made waste reduction measures
  • Provide educational and promotional support
  • Lend well-designed recycling bins
  • Coordinate onsite recycling and good use of resources
  • Arrange trustable recyclers to collect recyclables (clean paper, cans and plastics) from the event venue for further processing
  • Provide a recycling evaluation report after the event
  • Provide onsite environmental education volunteers and related information

Welcome to contact The Green Earth for further discussion and proposal

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 37088380


2/ I am an individual

(1)  Become our Green Event Volunteer

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