The Green Earth collected more than 40,000 bottles in 100 cleanups and urges for PPRS and Regional coorperation

(2022年6月5日 Press Release Executive Summary)The Green Earth (TGE) released the annual brand audit findings (2020-2021) on the World Environment Day of 2022, themed #OnlyOneEarth, to address the environmental crisis of waste plastic bottles worldwide by calling on the local beverage producers and the government for immediate actions.
TGE has conducted the “Beverage Plastic Bottle Brand Audits” on shores and beaches for three consecutive years. This time, it has collected a record-breaking 43,726 waste plastic bottles. Consistent with the previous years, the top five plastic bottlers were CR Cestbon, Swire Coca-cola, Vita, Master Kong and Watsons Water, respectively, accounting for 52% of the total. The top 10 brands are tabulated below:

Top 10 most identified brands in Hong Kong beaches 2020-2021

Moreover, the audit also showed that 66% of identifiable products were water beverages (mineral water, distilled water, etc.), while the other 34% are non-water beverages (eg. soda, tea, juices).
To deal with the problem, TGE believes that beverage manufacturers and the government should bear most of the responsibilities. We urge:
● Beverage manufacturers in Hong Kong and Mainland China to set aggressive plastic reduction targets with an implementation timeline. They should also publish data on source reduction and recycling regularly.
● The Hong Kong government to implement the Plastic Beverage Container Producer’s Responsibility Scheme (PPRS) as soon as possible with a return value of at least HK$1 per bottle.
● Guangdong and Hong Kong governments to strengthen regional marine litter pollution prevention and control.
● Manufacturers and the government to set up drinking water facilities widely in the community to reduce the consumption of water beverages packed in single-use packaging.
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