The Green Earth – Tai Mo Shan Charity Night Walk 2017

(Press Release 25 Feb 2017) To celebrate the first anniversary of a local green group The Green Earth, 500 nature-lovers walked to the top of Tai Mo Shan to explore the beautiful view from day to night at the peak of Hong Kong which is 957 meter above ground.


Mr Edwin Lau Che-feng, the Founder and Executive Director of The Green Earth explained the aim of the night walk is to encourage participants to slow down their pace to enjoy the natural environment and explore the beauty of nature. “We selected this route to walk from daytime to nighttime at the highest mountain in Hong Kong because we want every participant to appreciate our beautiful country parks from different angles and have a deep rethink about the true value of our country parks.”


Participants of the charity walk can also install a new app in their smart phones to use a self-guided platform which tells participants environmental information and interesting stories of each scenic spot along the trail, making the participants aware of different environmental challenges faced by Hong Kong and thinking of how to protect this place. “Cherish” is the core value The Green Earth and her charity walk wants to highlight.


Edwin Lau emphasized this charity walk itself also demonstrated a green event model. Green measures include encouraging participants to bring their own containers and cutleries, venue setup by used, reusable and recycled materials. The performing artist of the kick-off ceremony is a “leaf-blowing performer” called Sharon, who has used a leaf to play a song, which is low carbon and natural in style. Mr. Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment and the Hon officiated at the kick-off ceremony and led the participants to make a toast for the first anniversary celebration of The Green Earth.


There are two options with different journey distances in the charity walk – 4km (Light Night Walk) and 10km (Intense Night Walk), which started from 4pm and ended at around 10pm. All fund raised from the walk will be used to support The Green Earth’s environmental campaigns and education projects.