黃昏水壩美景 Dam Scenery at Dusk

沿途欣賞香港法定古蹟 – 大潭水務文物徑。Enjoy beauty of reservoir along the way. Appreciating the Hong Kong Statutory Monument, Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail.

森林療癒之旅 Forest Healing

以四感「視覺、觸覺、聽覺、嗅覺」享受大自然,以身心感受郊野。 There are spots for feeling the nature by using the 4 senses (vision, touch, sound and smell). Feel nature mentally and physically.

戶外大笑瑜珈 Outdoor Laughter Yoga

在線上與導師一起進行大笑瑜珈,齊齊踢走負能量。Having laughter yoga with instructor, to kick negative energy away together.

《撐綠惜慈善夜行Night Walk for The Green Earth》

is the major fundraising event of The Green Earth.

《撐綠惜慈善夜行2021》是綠惜地球的大型慈善活動,讓參加者遠離繁囂,放慢腳步,欣賞大自然日與夜的美。活動所募經費,用於支持本會推動減廢、不浪費等綠惜文化。 ‘Night Walk for The Green Earth 2021’ is a major fundraising event of The Green Earth. It provides an opportunity for participants to stay away from the hustle and bustle, slow down and enjoy the day and night of nature. The funds raised will be used to support TGE’s campaigns and education programmes that promote a “zero-waste” culture in society.

(活動已改為線上活動 The event is going VIRTUAL)
16/1/2021 00:00 HKT 至 16/2/2021 23:59 HKT

建議路線 Suggested Route:
香港大潭水塘 Hong Kong Tai Tam Reservoir

精彩內容 The highlights of the walk:

  • 森林浴聲音導航 : 由認證訓練的嚮導利用聲音導航與你體驗森林浴,以身心感受郊野。
    Forest Healing with Sound Navigation – A certified guide to lead us through this mindful journey using sound navigation. Feel nature mentally and physically.
  • 與你一起觀星: 與大家上一堂線上觀星課,親手做一個屬於你自己的旋轉星圖。
    Stargazing with you – Have an online stargazing lesson with you and you can make your own star map together with us.
  • 有獎尋寶活動: 於自選時間於大潭路線完成8公里步行及完成挑戰,獲取限定禮物。
    Prize-winning Treasure Hunt  – Finish the 8km walk along Tai Tam and complete the challenges to win a gift.
  • 愛笑愛地球 – 愛笑瑜珈 : 在線上與導師一起進行大笑瑜珈,齊齊踢走負能量。
    The Earth laughs in flowers, we laugh in yoga – Have a laughter yoga online lesson with instructor, to kick negative energy away together.
  • 香港夜間生態線上探秘 : 線上介紹香港夜間生態及保育,帶你欣賞香港生態之美。
    Online Night Safari in Hong Kong – Introduce Hong Kong’s night ecology and conservation, and show you the beauty of nature of Hong Kong from a different perspective.





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